Greater Heights

Alpha Sherpa Capital was founded in Hong Kong by a group of like-minded individuals with extensive experience in financial markets. As an independent securities trading and investment firm active in global markets, our goal is to generate superior returns under any market condition through creative leverage of talent, efficient deployment of resources and disciplined execution of our trading and investment strategies.



Peak Performance

We embrace a philosophy that prioritizes innovation, meritocracy and consistency. In our investment and trading approach, we are product agnostic, market neutral, and utilize various uncorrelated strategies to achieve superior returns under all market conditions. By extension, there are three core principles that underpin our trading and investment philosophy.

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We are unbiased in our decision making and free from any conflicts of interest. We always put winning ideas first. Our unconstrained portfolio is a consequence of this, which allows for capital to be allocated and deployed to achieve optimal results.


Probabilistic thinking is at the core of every decision we make.  We acknowledge and embrace smart risks as the key to excess returns. Through adopting strict risk management in both quantitative and qualitative dimensions, we remain vigilant and prepared for the unpredictable.

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Efficient decision making, size, speed and lack of bureaucracy gives us an edge in fast evolving opportunities. Our creative and innovative methodology enables us to be at the forefront of new market developments. This allows us to capitalize on emerging opportunities in a constantly changing world.



Our trading and investment strategy tactically deploys capital in three broad, uncorrelated categories



Active long/short directional trading that capitalizes on high velocity opportunities and exploits market inefficiencies in the short-term


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